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Events at United Church

What's Happening: What's Happening

UC Adults

UC understands that being an adult is not easy and often has many responsibilities that go under appreciated. UC desires to reach every lady, man, parent, or single adult and show them that with God all things are possible. UC Adult groups are cultured in a powerful loving Godly atmosphere and raising the oppressed to a place of being home. We want you. If you would like to submit a contact card prior to visiting please do and we will reach out as soon as possible!


UC Youth

UC Youth is a an exciting and rapidly growing youth department. They are about creating a God centered and family environment. It is one where each child feels wanted and reached for right where they are at. If that is something you feel like your young person is needing please visit us or submit a contact card so we can reach out.

Image by Edwin Andrade

UC Kids

UC Kids is a vital ministry of United Church. It is committed to ensuring that it reaches any and all kids where they are and to help prepare them for the difficulties they face. Let us help you in prepping you and your children for the difficulties they will face and ensure they have an entire church to support them. Keep an eye out above for events and fill free to visit or submit a contact card for any questions!

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